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Appreciations given by Students of Different Colleges and Schools

Here are few Appreciations out of 1,20,000 students who have attended the Academic Program in the last 22 years throughout India and also in Dubai and in USA .

Life-Changing Program for Students !!
The Self-Motivation and Super-Learning Program is a Blueprint for students SUCCESS in ACADEMICS and also in life. The techniques , strategies and ideas imparted in the program are very effective and most useful for all students to SECURE VERY HIGH MARKS .Finally , the best thing about the program is that it lays a strong foundation for a great academic , creative and spiritual skyscraper that every ambitious student or people are going to build. Without this kind of program every effort to grow academically , creatively etc would be a effort in vain .
- Preetham Kumar
Bangalore Medical College

I found this as a powerful motivation . I have never ever had such a guidance towards my studies and toward my goal in life. The memory program technique was wonderful and I am sure I will succeed in achieving my goals.
- M. Girish Kumar
Dr. Ambedkar Medical College

BEST PROGRAM to reach our GOALS . Definitely helps students to perform exceeding well in exams . The Program teaches and trains you to study systematically , learn methodically and remember what is studied and recall it instantaneously. RELAXATION techniques , SUPERMEMORY and SUPERLEARNING techniques can help even a dull students to secure high marks . These TECHNIQUES motivated me to secure 94% in Mathematics , 97% in Science , 94% in Social Studies and a total of 553 . Those students who miss this PROGRAM miss something very important in life !!.
- D. Biju
St. Joseph College

The Self-Motivation and Super Learning Program was very effective & informative. It was a best program I have attended . I have learned techniques of learning , studying & understanding the subject of Medical Science in less time. I have learnt how to plan & Study .
- Mamatha Ramaswamy
Bangalore Medical College

I have attended many Motivation and Memory programs like this before but none of those programs had such a great impact and effect on me as your program did. Each and every words of yours will change my life forever . From this moment onwards , I know I will be a new person improved in every possible(way). You have given us some of the best ways to achieve something in life not only academically but in every area of life and every situation we come across.
- Anjum Hayat
Bishop Cotton Women Christian College

The Self-Motivation and Super Learning Program ultimately filled "Life" to the meaning of "Life-Changing Program". It actually struck our heart and soul with accuracy as that of Arjuna`s arrow . You have really made us realise the basic purpose of our life on earth and have shown us the ultimate path to the future. It has actually stirred my mind and consciousness towards achieving my goal. I finally thank you for being the sculptor of my future.
- Karthik . A
Bangalore Medical College

I have never attended such an program till now in my life. It is fabulous ! I never thought that the program would be so interesting .No teacher , no lecturer cannot teach us the information which you have taught us today. Even my parents try to give advises about many things but the advice which you gave us was very great . I think after attending your program I am sure that using all your technique I can surely get more than 90% in my final exams . Now I have full confidence in me . The moment I attended your program my life is changed extremely which cannot be expressed . And the students who have not attended this program is missing a lot in their life.
- Neetha . R.C ,
N . M . K . R . V College