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List of Training Seminars Mr.Abhinandan conducts for Students & Parents :

All Training Seminars are conducted only after the FREE 90 Minute Information Seminar on SuperMemory Techniques
1.) Methodical Learning Techniques for achieving Peak Performance in Studies & Exams.  
      - 7 hr + 7 hr Seminar : 2 days. FEES : $ 100 per Student
              Minimum 25 Students
2.) Super Memory Training Program -5 hr Seminar $ 50 per Student    
        Minimum 40 Students    
3.) Super Learning Training Program -4 hr Seminar ( Conducted after the SuperMemory Program )  
        $50 per Student    
4.) BioRhythm Training Program -3 hr Seminar $20 per Student    
        Minimum 100 Students    

Seminar for Parents :

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Seminar for Parents can be organized by Schools / Colleges during Parents-Teacher Meeting . This Seminar is Charged a Nominal Amount so that the Parents will VALUE & APPLY what they get from the Seminar . A nominal amount of Rs.100 can be Charged and a minimum of atleast 100 Parents should be present.
1.) Increasing your Son`s / Daughter`s Motivation to Learn.        
2.) Top Ten Ways to Help your children get very High Marks